Top Internet Browsers in 2020

Are you reading this article on your internet browser? If yes, then you must admit that your internet browser is probably one of the most essential applications that you use daily. But how much consideration and thought have you put into your browser choice?

Most people feel content to only access the browser that they have been using for ages. Some are happy with whatever came installed with their operating system. Others have no idea that experiencing the true potential of your internet browser demands a good network connection like Metronet Internet.

With several users wishing to enhance their internet security and speed, we decided to put together a list of top internet browsers to help you make the right choice to meet your browsing needs.

Google Chrome

One of the most famous internet browsers preferred all around the world is undoubtedly Google Chrome. It is an extremely stable, incredibly presented, cross-platform browser that occupies the least screen space. All its brilliant qualities together provide its users with a very pleasant browsing experience.

With its uniquely amazing developer tools, Google Chrome is Developer’s top-loved browser. Just like every other thing, Chrome also has some drawbacks. It consumes a lot of RAM, which often annoys its users. Additionally, if your machine is older or slower, then Chrome’s performance declines. And as it is Google’s, some people are skeptical about how their browsing history might be used.

Microsoft Edge

Many years ago, Microsoft used to be the King of internet browsing. Due to their now-outdated internet explorer browser, it went through a tough time and slipped away silently until the release of Microsoft Edge.

Initially, Edge was launched in 2015 for Xbox One and Windows 10. Earlier this year, it experienced a great advancement when Microsoft decided to shake hands with Google in releasing the latest version of Edge designed on Chromium engine.

Microsoft has a history of delivering brilliant user experience, so it brought its years of expertise in evolving operating systems into the evolution of their newest browser, like quicker browsing and seamless smooth scrolling on older systems. The latest incarnation of Microsoft Edge is not only restricted to personal computer users, it is also compatible with macOS, iOS, and Android.

Mozilla Firefox

There was a time when everyone knew Mozilla Firefox for its amazing support for extensions and incredible flexibility. But just like many other players, it also failed to compete with its rivals especially in terms of speed. As a result, its users switched to Chrome in infuriation.

After receiving one of the biggest upgrades in 13 years, Mozilla Firefox finally addressed most of its problems that became the reason behind its low rankings in current years. This latest update ranks well in speed tests and gives good competition to its rivals. The new browser is efficient and certainly takes influence from the famous Google internet browser.

The good thing about Mozilla Firefox is that it is a non-profit organization – means lower chances of your data being sold out to other immoral organizations.  Some of the browser’s recent updates include automatically blocking ad trackers and supporting password-free logins. The good news is that its latest versions are easily accessible through Test pilot programmers that allow you to be one of the first few users to explore the newest innovations.


The powerhouse of browsing, Opera is popular for its indispensable Turbo Mode, which contracts the amount of web content your machine gets to a fraction of its actual size. In short, you get everything, but the data consumption reduces and the average page loading speed improves drastically. Some of its unique features include protecting browsing, free built-in VPN, and decreasing online tracking.

Bottom Line

Well, choosing an internet browser is not as simple as it seems. We consider Opera’s extra functionality brilliant, but also realize that a lot of users demand the familiarity of their existing browser. Similarly, the recent up-gradation of Firefox is surely praiseworthy and deserves another chance but at the same time, Microsoft Edge has also gotten bigger and better. Just know that all browsers discussed above have certain benefits for different markets. So, choose the one that best suits your needs – Good luck!

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