Our lives revolve around books. At the age of 3 or 4, we are given the books that could teach us alphabets. After pre-primary school and giving exams based on the books we are given to memorize, we enter the compulsory school. In compulsory school, we are taught how to perform mathematics. After clearing the compulsory school exams, we enter the upper secondary school where we are asked to choose the subjects we want our career- lives to revolve around. After clearing those exams, we finally enter the last stage of it, which is the higher education stage.

The one thing to think about is that if it is really the last stage of education. As to what can be recalled, knowledge is something as vast and diverse as the ocean. Knowledge is endless and a lot in quantity. It is only dependent on our brains how much knowledge we can acquire in a lifetime. A package of the basic knowledge a human being should have is our education. Education is the whole box of knowledge, which is a part of it but represents it wholly and full-fledged.

It goes on endlessly

Knowledge gaining is an unending activity that we keep n doing in the regular course of our lives. From the time you wake up to the time you are sleeping again, you learn many things. Might include it in the definition of knowledge or not; every second, you learn something. Call it an experience or call it just learning; everything leaves an understanding in your mind that you carry for the whole of your lives. Every second you are a different person, more experienced and more matured. Your understanding enhances, and your knowledge about different things diversifies, leaving you more learned as you grow up.

There are types quite intriguing

The knowledge of life cannot completely come from the books we read. The knowledge of how to live life in a practical scenario and the knowledge of your subject or field in a theoretical scenario is completely different but co-dependent. For example, you read in a book how to bake a cake. You have the theoretical knowledge of it; now you have to implement that knowledge. After the implementing stage, all that comes is practical knowledge. You cannot learn without practicing, and you cannot practice without learning.

The realization and the perfect example

Being said all of this, there is a realization which is that we spend most of our lives sitting on a chair. To read, gain experience, enhance our knowledge, and diversify our learning, we need a chair. From the time you were in the 1st grade to the time you are working in a corporate, you have sat on a chair most of the time. In your childhood, you might not have known what work-life comfort requirements mean, but growing up and working in a corporate, no one in the world can understand the meaning and the importance of work-life comfort except for an Ergonomic chair.

It is what it is

An Ergonomic Office Chair is a highly- adjustable and dependable chair that one can totally rely upon. It not only helps you translate the meaning of work- life comfort requirements better, but it also becomes a part of the comfort, from reading a lot of books to constantly working on your personal computer for hours to sleeping the night in your workplace, chairs like these promise to share the burden of your work throughout their guarantee periods which is in most cases for a long- time and extended.

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