Pros Of using Cloud-based Surveillance Systems over Traditional Systems.

The installation of security and safety surveillance systems has been a challenge for many property owners in the past. Before the advancement of the cloud-based surveillance system, most people preferred other security systems such as DVR and NVR systems. These types of systems were too demanding, however, since they required the use of hard drives, additional hardware, and servers to be functional. The advancement of technology has led to most property owners to shift to cloud technology which has helped them discover the benefits of using cloud-based video surveillance over the initial systems that had limited options.

Some of the reasons why organizations should upgrade for cloud-based surveillance systems and not settle for the initial DVR/NVR systems include:

  • Reduced Hardware Footprint

The traditional security systems were bulky, unsophisticated, and difficult to install since they required additional hardware. The systems did not operate effectively without the installation of all the necessary components. The hardware used also had a short life span of up to 5 years no matter how well they are serviced and maintained. The more hard drives installed in a surveillance system, the shorter its chances of providing long-term services, since it is likely to need replacements within short time intervals. The innovation and implementation of cloud technology and storage have helped to eliminate hard drive servers hence reducing the hardware footprints. Cloud surveillance, therefore, has ensured that the systems are long-lasting and that fewer components are needed with less maintenance and replacement requirements. Organizations are now saving lots of money spent on installation labor, and management of the systems has become easier.

  • Data Saving and Sharing Options.

The type of system used determines the ease of access to the collected data. traditional systems had more complex and costly data retrieval processes. Complicated systems may lead to increased data retrieval costs in case of a situation that required the access of formerly stored data. Transitioning to cloud technology has however made the process of data storage and access simpler. The cloud allows for storage of the data for long periods and easy access whenever needed. Sharing video footage has become efficient and productivity has improved greatly.

  • Remote Access

Cloud systems have better software services that add value to video security. The users have the opportunity of accessing any cameras and footage throughout. The traditional systems required the manager to be physically present at the premises to access any data recorded by the system. The cloud system has made the process less cumbersome, improving the systems flexibility and user experience. The users can now access whatever data they need wherever they are located.


Several companies are on a quest to advance their traditional outdated systems to modernized method to achieve success. Organizations are now choosing to implement the use of more advanced technology options to ensure that their businesses remain safe and secure. This has made numerous ventures and property owners employ the use of cloud-based surveillance systems due to their reliability and efficiency especially with the cloud storage options that were limited by the sophisticated traditional systems. Organizations are now reaping the benefits of using a cloud-based surveillance system to monitor the activities on their property.

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