Improving Reputation Management: 3 Tips From Pros

Your company’s online reputation is largely shaped by your customers’ feedback posted to the internet as well as content posted by trolls who have never paid for your products or services.  The moral of this story is if you are not proactive in managing your reputation, people will get the wrong impression of your business based on feedback posted to the web by other supposed customers.  Below, we provide three helpful tips that will make it that much easier to manage your reputation, ensuring everyone who looks up your company on Google and other search engines reads accurate information that reveals the actual truth about your business.

Be Careful and Patient When Responding to Online Feedback

Prospective customers pay close attention to the information you post on your website, customer reviews and also the manner in which you interact with customers on the web.  If you rattle off a vitriolic response to retaliate against a troll who is spreading lies about your business, your current and potential clients will take note.  So be patient, remain calm and carefully respond to all comments posted to the web that reference your business.  Try to maintain as positive a tone as possible when responding to angry, disappointed and mean customers.

Above all, be sure to respond to questions and comments pertaining to your business in a timely manner after they are posted to the web.  The worst thing you can do is let a negative comment or false accusation slide, essentially making others think the comment is true when it is a bald-faced lie.  Be civil in your responses, shine a light on the truth and you will have done your part to protect your company’s online reputation.

Read Reviews and Other Write-ups

Take some time to “favorite” the web’s top online review directories.  Check out your company’s reviews posted to these directories at least once per week.  The bottom line is you need and deserve to know what people are saying about your business.  Though you cannot read every single word posted to the web that pertains to your business, it is in your interest to monitor review sites such as Yelp as well as social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  If any questions, negative reviews, concerns or other important information is posted to the online avenues, be sure to respond in a timely and informative manner, making it clear your business cares how it is perceived by others.

Don’t be victimized by Yelp extortion.  Monitor this platform, have reviews laden with lies deleted and respond to all other forms of criticisms as well as questions and concerns.  Furthermore, if your company founder or another key employee has been arrested, it is in your organization’s interest to consider mugshot removal to improve public relations.

Focus on the Positive

Positive reviews reinforce your business’s legitimacy and merit.  Highlight these reviews by responding to them, “liking” them and re-posting them to your website as well as other components of your online footprint.  Do not hesitate to encourage your satisfied customers to post a review of your business to an online review directory or post about the quality of your products or service on social media.  Try to maintain a positive vibe, focus on the compliments your customers bestow upon your business and those egregiously negative reviews posted by trolls won’t sting nearly as badly.  Lean on the online reputation experts for assistance and you will find managing your reputation proves that much easier.

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