How to Clean Your PC’s Hard Drive in Windows 10?

Summary: In this blog, we will explore how to clean a C drive so you can get rid of all those pesky files that are cluttering up your system. The safest and most secure way is by using certified file erasure software like BitRaser File Eraser.

In some cases, cleaning out your C drive for the sake of an operating system can be tricky and risky. The reason being that this is where all major files like Windows 10 are stored within a computer’s hard disk. Clearing C Drive have lot of risks losing important information which could lead to more headaches than necessary.

Let’s see what type of data is stored in C drive.

The C drive of your computer stores a lot more than just usual data. It’s also store the following data.

1.     Operating system: C drive store all operating system files.

2.     App data: Installed application data is also stored in the C drive.

3.     Junk: All junk filesare also stored in C Drive.

4.     Temporary files: All types of temporary files, such as caches, log files etc. are stored in the C drive.

5.     User data: Users downloaded files, synced cloud data, browsers cookies etc. are stored in the C drive.

6.     Desktop files: All desktop files are stored in C drive.

The C drive is the best place to store all your files. You can explore it by following these steps: Settings > System > Storage

How to Clean C Drive in Windows 10?                      

Here are some easy methods that will help in cleaning C drive and free up some space in windows 10.

1.     By use of Storage Sense

Storage sense is a built-in Windows app that helps you free up some storage space on C drive. The cleverly named “Storage Sense” automatically removes unwanted temporary files and other unnecessary data to make room for more important things like pictures or movies. Here’s how to use this helpful tool.

2.     Open Windows settings

3.     Navigate, System > Storage

4.     On the next screen, turn on Storage Sense

The app comes with some cool features that you can customize for a better experience. For e.g., enabling the app will automatically delete temporary files or Recycle bin contents when they are no longer needed in order save space on your hard drive.

2. Using Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is the ideal tool for clearing up space on your computer. It’s an in-built utility that you can access from Windows OS to delete temporary or other types of data off a drive.Here’s how you can use Disk CleanUpto clean C Drive.

1.     Type Disk Cleanup in Search bar

2.     Open the app and select C drive

3.     Click OK

4.     Select Temporary Files from the list and click OK.

3. Empty Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin is a temporary storage space for deleted files. If you don’t empty this bin, it can take up valuable disk space and risk increasing the size of your C drive, so make sure to clear out any unwanted material.

To permanently clear the Recycle Bin, right click it and select Empty Recycle Bin.

4. Compress Installation Data

Save space on hard drive with this easy compression technique. Installation files are often large and can take up a lot of disk on your computer, so by compressing them you will free up some valuable space on hard drive. Follow below steps.

1.     Open Windows Explorer and click My PC/This PC.

2.     Right click on C drive and select Properties.

3.     Click on the General tab.

4.     Select Compress this drive to save disk space and click OK.

5. Use File EraserSoftware

Did you know that when files are deleted via system settings or Windows explorer, they’re not really gone? These deleted data still remains in the hard drive and can be recovered by any type of data recovery software.Using BitRaser File Eraser is the best way to permanently delete data from your PC. With this software, all types of files can be erased and no one will ever know what was on that hard drive. BitRaser File Eraser is a great way to permanently and effectively delete any type of file from your C drive. Here’s how:

1.     Install and Run the BitRaser File Eraser

2.     Software display the list of items you can delete by using the software.

3.     Click on Erase File & Folder

4.     Click on “Add Items” button and select the files which you want to delete.

5.     After selection, click on Erase Now button.

6.     To confirm erasure. Click Proceed on next screen.


There are many ways to free up space on your C drive. Just be careful, there’s the operating system and other important files stored in Drive C. In this blog post we have mentioned some easy methods for safely deleting data from C Drive. If you want to make sure that no one can ever recover your data, then go ahead and use BitRaser File Eraser software. This tool will erase any type of files on the storage device beyond recovery.


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