How To Automate Your Diagnostic Processes

A flow-based chatbot works by using a predefined conversational flow. In more accessible language, a flow-based chatbot is a chatbot with a conversation already mapped out like the regular flowchart.

The initial and most vital step in automating your pathology lab is a cohesive plan. Automation programs can often be derailed by a lack of focus and for you to get value. There are things you need to put into consideration when you decide on automation and they include;

  • Comprehend the reason why you want to automate

For your automation idea to become one whole idea, you need to make sure it targets issues in your pathology laboratory. The things that can motivate you to automate your firm includes;

  • It will assist you in regulating your firm and make it one of the most qualified firms there are.
  • Assists you in dealing with cost problems.
  • Assist you with issues such as staffing scarcities.
  • Capacity concerns are also a huge issue.

The moment you have completely understood the issue of a problem, you can now be able to understand what achievement will be like for your laboratory.

  • Plot out your workflow

The second and most important thing you need to do is to map out the standard operating procedure that you would want to automate. The moment you decide to carry out time trials and quality monitoring, it will allow you to figure out:

  • How long it would take a human being to complete the task at hand.
  • How many mistakes does a human being do daily?
  • How many tests can human beings complete in a day?
  • Whether there are things in your process parts that cause hesitations or affect integrity.


  • Map tech against the aspired outcome.

The moment you have fully acquired the needed knowledge of your procedure, now it’s time to map this information out against your mechanization wants and the findings you want. For example, you may decide to set a target of 10,000 a week but at the moment you have 5000 only. The moment you have recognized this gap, you can now be able to know what available technology will make sure you reach your objective.

  • Engage with probable collaborators

Just because you have found the technology that best fits you doesn’t mean it will accomplish its desired task. What you need to put in mind is that the person you decide to partner with in making this technology a reality is what will make your firm stronger.

The best option is to speak to various firms such as Flowbot  and tell them about your achievements and what you would want to achieve and where you need assistance.


Flowbot is an amazing firm that assists many companies that want their firms to be all about robotics, they equip you with the knowledge you require so that you can produce an amazing robot that does the work for you. They also inform you of the different forms of robots that are there and how you can use them to carry out your daily duties and what you can do in case of any malfunctioning.

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