How Does Intelius Get Your Information

There are a handful of websites out there that seem to have tabs on anything and everything you’ve ever done. If you’ve ever looked yourself up on a service such as Intelius you’ll find they know your past addresses, your children’s name and ages, your phone number, jobs, even criminal history and anything else that might be tied to it. It can be startling to realize just how much info they have. That can be damaging if you run a business or are trying to grow a brand. With an Internet reputation management service provider you can have them go after this information and have it removed quickly. However, if you want to go at it on your own, there are some methods for you to opt out of Intelius, although it can take some time to do this.

How Does Intelius Obtain Your Information

Basically, Intelius is a data broker. It collects information from a number of sources. All of these sources are legal, so it isn’t doing anything shady behind the scenes. All of the data it collects is public record. So public criminal records will obtain and save, then connect the information with public phone records, available email addresses, and so on. It actually isn’t difficult to obtain this information. If you wanted to, you could perform a Google search on someone and try to find their personal information. Once you figure out where to look it isn’t difficult to uncover this information. The thing is most people don’t know where to look or want to spend the time doing this, so Intelius essentially does it for those not wanting to look.

How Do You Remove Yourself From Intelius

There is an “opt out” page located on Intelius. While your information is legally obtained, it is your personal information, and you have the legal right to have them remove it (and not charge for it). This won’t remove the data from other sources or expunge public records, but it will remove it from Intelius.

When you select the “Opt Out” page, type in your information and select yourself (there will likely be a number of people who fit this, so you’ll want to go over the secondary information, including age, location, and even contact data). Now, click “Select and Continue,” then type in your email address. The process takes about 72 hours to complete.

Take Advantage Of An Internet Reputation Management Service Today

You’re a busy individual. You have so much on your plate you can’t spend your days digging through the Internet in order to see if someone posted negative about your company or if part of your past has come up in someone’s Internet search. With the assistance of an Internet reputation management provider like Internet Reputation, a team of pros will do all of this for you. So if you’re ready to enhance your privacy monitoring and Internet reputation, give the all-star staff at Internet Reputation a call.

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