6 Must-Have Features of User-Friendly Website

A well-designed website is a handy marketing tool for any business. It should showcase a unique blend of skills to draw potential clients. It also involves understanding the constantly changing technology and internet marketing techniques. What’s more? An appealing website draws more web users and should incorporate different features.

Here are the must-have characteristics of a good website design:

  1. Simplicity-Minimal elements

If your website page includes too many elements, it may end up distracting clients, thus drifting them for your purpose. On the other hand, a simple design appeals to many. It helps users to navigate between pages with ease. Keep your web design simple to use navigation and let uses enjoy using your website.

  1. Consistency

Consistency is critical in web design. The best site matches the fonts, sizes, sub-headings, and button styles on all pages. The font colors blend in well, and a professional web design agency can help you achieve this and more.

  1. Readability

You may have the best web design, but if your text isn’t readable, this ruins the entire site. Text provides users with information about your business and products. Also, it’s an important aspect of SEO activities. The best website features a readable yet appealing typography.

The text also involves keywords, metadata, and other SEO elements. For excellent results, use easy-to-read fonts like; Arial and Helvetica as body texts. Also, use proper typeface combinations for all design elements, including headlines, texts, and buttons.

  1. Color palette& Quality imagery

A good website features a perfect color palette. This attracts web users who may turn out to be future clients. Choose the right color palette to create a conceive atmosphere for all users. Go for a complementary color palette for it gives a balanced look on your website. Moreover, use white spaces and avoid combining too many colors.

Still, you can create flashes to improve the viewer’s visual impact. For instance, a flash introduction drives more traffic to your site.

  1. Fast loading & Easy navigation

A slow website is a put-off to visitors and can make you lose out on potential clients. Avoid this by optimizing image sizes and combining HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for an improved loading speed. That’s not all, though! Visitors take more time on websites with easy navigation. To achieve this, consider things like;

  • Clear categories
  • Clickable navigation elements
  • A logical page hierarchy
  • Use bread scrums
  • Design clickable buttons
  • Three-click rule
  1. Mobile compatibility

There’s increasing use of mobile devices among shoppers. The web design should be compatible with mobile devices and adaptive for different screen sizes. If clients can’t access our website via their mobile phones, you’ll lose a lot of business to competitors. To achieve this, hire web design professionals to optimize your website for mobile and enjoy more traffic and conversions.

A quick wrap up

A good website design loads faster, and visitors don’t take a lot of time to download images. It’s also easy to navigate with working links on all pages. To get the best web designs, hire a web designer, and take your marketing a notch higher.

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