Advantages of Canon Edge Registration you need to know 

Patience and hard work are essential traits if you want to excel in any creative field. But you also need the proper guidance to master the techniques of your chosen profession, and to stay updated with the latest technologies and advancements. To give their customers an edge over other photographers Canon introduced the Canon Edge registration.

Upload images on Canon social channels

With canon camera registration India, photographers have the benefit of uploading their images on Canon social channels. This enables them to share their work with a much wider audience. They not only gain recognition, but are also able to showcase their work to prospective clients. Having your work featured on the Canon handles will definitely boost your confidence and improve your online presence.

Creating a profile

The world of photography is becoming increasingly competitive. Apart from having perseverance and dedication, it is important to increase your brand presence. This helps you connect with your audience, increases your visibility, and helps you build long-lasting partnerships. It can also help you win new clients in the long run. Apart from making you a much more confident photographer, registering on Canon Edge will also increase your credibility among your peers and other photographers.

Showcasing your portfolio

There are many platforms where you can showcase your portfolio. However, not all of these are reliable. You need a platform which is exclusive, and will make your work look authentic and professional. For this, you need specialised platforms like Canon Edge. Since you will be able to highlight your work in a more compelling style, you will also increase your online presence. It will give your clients a perspective of your work and help them decide whether they want to collaborate or work with you. What better for a photographer to have the support of a leading global camera brand such as Canon!


It is important to keep yourself updated on the various technological developments and innovations taking place in the field of photography. By registering on Canon Edge you get all the information on services and products offered by Canon, and also the latest news in the arena of photography.


Cameras are expensive equipment and if they malfunction getting them repaired can be quite costly. However, many manufacturers provide warrant for a certain period. If your equipment gets damaged during this period, the company will repair or replace it. By registering on Canon Edge you will get 1+1 warranty years on camera. Canon India warranty registration will provide you with an extended period of warranty and complete peace of mind.

From extended warranty to important updates and exciting self-promotion opportunities, there are many advantages of Canon Edge registration. So give yourself an edge over other photographers and register on Canon Edge today.

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