MilesWeb Affiliate Program_ A New Way of Earning from Home

People are always looking for newer and convenient ways to earn money. The more money you make for lesser work the better. There is a beeline for opportunities like freelancing, social media management, email marketing, and so on that allow earning from home. However, since you get paid for your work volume, there is a limit to how much you earn.

However, some ways allow you to earn passively which assure continuous cash flow. One of the most popular among them is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a kind of promotional marketing that is based on earning commissions. To put it in simple terms, if someone buys a product of the company that you are promoting after clicking on your link, you get paid a specified commission. It is a great way to earn passive income by investing very little time and efforts without being restricted by your nationality as companies provide affiliate marketing opportunities globally.

Affiliate marketing is a $12 billion industry, that is growing exponentially each year. It is widely popular among all kinds of content creators and influencers online. Companies like Amazon, Walmart, Myntra, eBay and many others have been providing affiliate programs for a long time now, making them a popular choice among affiliate marketers.

It is all about finding an affiliate program with a decent payout that your audience finds relevant.

How Do Affiliate Programs Generally Work?

I would get straight to the point so, PAY ATTENTION!

Any affiliate program has 3 elements:

      I.        Business Entity

The company or seller that is producing a product or providing a service. They don’t get actively involved with the audience of the affiliate.

    II.        Affiliate Associate

An affiliate is the content creator that refers or suggests the product or service to the audience in exchange for a commission. An affiliate is like a stakeholder in an affiliate program.

   III.        Customer

Customers are individuals among the affiliate’s audience that are redirected to the company website so that they make a purchase.

The affiliate creates content and gives subtle referrals about the company’s product or service. The audience thatgets intrigued click on the referral link mentioned by the affiliate and getredirected to the company site. The affiliate gets a commission based on the product that the customer buys from the company.

Let’s see an example:

Tony is a tech blogger who does reviews and writes blog articles on web hosting and relevant technologies. He is very popular among the tech-savvy community and has a decent audience on various blogging platforms.

He is writing an article “Top 10 Web Hosting Plans in 2021” and realizes that there is an excellent offer on MilesWeb’s web hosting services. Tony registers with their hosting affiliate program and gets their banner customized for his article. He puts his affiliate link with this ad banner for the article.

Natasha read this article as she was incidentally looking for a good web hosting service for her business. Curious, she clicks the banner and gets redirected to the page of MilesWeb’s web hosting. She liked their Turbo web hosting plan where she could host unlimited websites, unlimited MySQL databases and powerful computing with 4CPU Core and 5GB RAM.

Additionally, she would get 2 free domains. She does the signup process and places the order and MilesWeb begins tracking the affiliate ad which triggered it. The moment she completes the payment, Tony receives a commission of ₹500 from MilesWeb.

What’s MilesWeb Affiliate Program Like?

MilesWeb has one of the most popular and rewarding affiliate programs for beginners and veterans alike.

Their signup process is simple and the registration requires basic details like personal details, web details and payment portal details. There areno criteria or special requirements to join. It is open to all affiliates on any digital media platform. 

MilesWeb has developed an online platform for its affiliates where they can log in to manage their affiliate account. This platform is made in a way to help its affiliates keep track of their payments as well as elevate their overall work experience.

There’s a dedicated team of affiliate experts to handle their affiliate program. They are responsible for providing necessary assistance and support to the affiliates and affiliate marketing activities.

They even design customized multiple web hosting banners especially for affiliates’ use. You can pick a banner of your choice from their affiliate dashboard or the banners page use it in your affiliate links without disturbing the delivery of your content. You can even opt for a customized banner which the affiliate marketing team will provide you within a couple of days.

Contact MilesWeb affiliate experts here:

How Are The Commissions?

MilesWeb has some of the best and highest commission rates in the business, not to mention their affiliate policies that are also quite reasonable.

  • There are absolutely no registration fees. You get to join as a MilesWeb affiliate for free.
  • On the completion of the sign-up process, your affiliate account gets immediately credited with ₹1000.
  • The commissions are fixed and are credited at the sale of a hosting plan. The Commissions are different for different plans:
    • Shared Hosting: ₹200 to ₹500 per product.
    • Windows Hosting: ₹200 to ₹500 per product.
    • WordPress Hosting: ₹200 to ₹500 per product.
    • Cloud Hosting: ₹450 to ₹900 per product.
    • Linux Reseller: ₹350 to ₹1200 per product.
    • Windows Reseller: ₹350 to ₹1200 per product.
    • WordPress Cloud: ₹200 to ₹1000 per product.
    • Magento Hosting: ₹500 to ₹2000 per product.
    • VPS Hosting: ₹350 to ₹2500 per product.
    • Windows VPS: ₹500 to ₹4000 per product.
    • DigitalOcean Cloud: ₹200 to ₹20000 per product.
    • AWS Linux Cloud: ₹150 to ₹4000 per product.
    • AWS Windows Cloud: ₹300 to ₹5000 per product.
    • Dedicated Server: ₹1000 per product.
    • Unmanaged Linux VPS: ₹100 to ₹1200 per product.
    • Unmanaged Windows VPS: ₹250 to ₹2000 per product.
  • Money transfer to your bank account is triggered automatically through NEFT or PayPal the moment your balance reaches ₹3000.
  • The processing of commission takes place within 30 days only after the sale occurs.
  • The tracking duration for cookie lasts 365 days, which is the highest among the web hosting affiliate programs.

The link below has a detailed commission structure of the MilesWeb affiliate program:

MilesWeb Affiliate Commission Structure

Why is MilesWeb Affiliate Program recommended?

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you need an affiliate program that can help you learn the subtleties of promotional content creation. You would also need expert guidance to make sure you stay true to the latest trends.

The affiliate program by MilesWeb provides learning aides for new affiliate marketers in the form of blog articles, video tutorials on affiliate marketing. You can learn in depth about affiliate marketing and even ask them queries. A specialized team provides expert advice and support for affiliates.

Meaning you can “Learn” at the same time “Earn” with MilesWeb affiliate program.

Not to mention the rewarding payouts they give to affiliates. MilesWeb has the highest paying commission rates in affiliate program. The affiliates also get to enjoy novelties like ₹1000 signup bonus, customized banner of affiliate’s choice, short withhold period of 30 days and many more.

So, let me ask you this, do you find any excuse why you shouldn’t be an affiliate now?

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