What are Prototyping Companies and What Do They Do?

When companies develop new products, they invest in prototyping services–an experimental process in which design teams come up with ideas that are turned into tangible formations from paper drafts to digital concepts. The best prototyping companies build these concepts and test them, validate and refine designs, and aid brands in releasing the best products into the market before the competition can get a jump.

Rapid Prototyping for Product Development

Rapid prototyping, also known as rapid tooling, combines various techniques used to create a part model using CAD data in a speedy manner. The way in which prototyping companies build these parts can be accomplished by using CNC machining technology, additive layer manufacturing, or 3D printing.

Why Brands invest in Prototyping Companies

When it comes to working a full-phase production of a part, prototyping companies are required, as prototyping is the 4th phase of design thinking. The user experience design (UX) is an essential part of prototyping that can solve the needs of the brand and their target customers. Prototyping companies create a straight-forward experimental model of a proposed product design to see how well it meets the requirements necessary to provide solutions to problems. Smart brands invest in prototyping in the early stages of paper prototyping because the feedback they get from users garners guidance throughout the development process.

What are the Reasons for Investing in Prototyping Companies?

There are many reasons why brands invest in the best prototyping companies. First of all, prototyping companies give brands a solid foundation upon which to make design improvements. Stakeholders favor this, as it gives them a clear vista of the risks, rewards, and the costs associated with where the product is headed.

Prototyping companies also offer benefits from the standpoint that changes can be adapted early. This enables brands to avoid full commitment to a dedicated version built on false ideals and prototyping services allow brands to avoid being committed to a type of user experience that could garner major costs down the road.

Prototyping also enables brands to do group research by getting feedback from potential users by letting them examine the prototype. The data that can be collected here will allow designers to pinpoint any flaws or areas for improvement. In some cases, the collected data can reveal the need for a total overhaul and save the brand a significant amount of money by stopping a product that is flawed from going to market.

Prototyping also promotes a sense of ownership to concerned stakeholders; it enables them to make emotional connections to the investment opportunity and therefore the overall potential success of the product.

Finally, prototyping speeds up the time-to-market by reducing the number of mistakes that need correction before the product can be released. Prototyping companies bring all of these benefits to companies that are investing in product launches, and enable them to do so while staying within the budget while meeting those critical deadlines.

Prototyping Companies Collaborate with Your Design Team

As a brand, you likely have your own internal team of designers and engineers. Often, brands reach out to prototyping companies to spot-check designs for improvements, and trust the prototyping company to produce their item and study it while keeping its intended purpose and users in mind with the goal to make improvements. At this stage, prototyping companies work with your team to improve all aspects of the product, get it into production, and sent to market.

Prototyping companies like Laszeray work with brands of all sizes, and offer the best engineers and designers in the industry to work with the design teams of the organizations they partner with. Call one today, and see if they have the capabilities to meet all of your prototyping needs.

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