How can an employee engagement platform solve remote work challenges?

The world has changed dramatically after the pandemic. It has affected everyone in every aspect of their life be it personal or professional. Lockdowns during the pandemic forced many businesses to automate their operations and focus more on remote working avenues. Although the change has made things easier for companies, many companies also find it hard to adapt.

While remote working has improved productivity, it has also birthed a host of new challenges such as mental stress, prolonged working hours, reduced productivity levels etc. Hence, it is important to use an employee engagement platform so that your communication is effective.

Not just that, it can help overcome daily challenges and improve the overall performance of your workplace. Let’s see how!

Gives employees a real voice

Your employees would always want to be heard, regardless of wherever they are. Your employees want to feel appreciated, motivated so that they can work hard and contribute to the company’s success. As per salesforce, colleagues are likely to feel more empowered when they have an employee engagement platform.  Having an employee engagement platform will also allow them to exercise their voice at chatrooms, discussion threads or engagement surveys. Implementing both strategies will also allow them to create a holistic picture of how the workforce is feeling.

 Makes them feel appreciated

A good quality virtual employee engagement platform is an essential way to engage remote workers. Professionals usually suffer from stress and anxiety and the feelings of inadequacy double up when they are working from home. Getting social recognition is a smart and effective ways to counteract negative feelings. It improves not just the engagement rate but also overall performance.

Allows frequent collaboration & communication

Working remotely can also make employees feel disconnected. In order to prevent this, it is essential to establish a communication plan among the employees across the hierarchy. Having daily check-ins will also promote interactions and allow teams to stay aligned. Having video call platforms as Zoom, Google meet or a virtual event platform can also make your work environment a lot more collaborative. Virtual engagement for employees is also doubled when you use good quality project management software.

Allows easier celebrations

It is very important to celebrate milestones in order to prevent any kind of disengagement. Whether it is recognition of birthdays or anniversaries or performance achievements, such small celebrations will help your coworkers feel appreciated and recognized. You could also have virtual team lunches in order to boost their morale. Such celebrations will also help others feel more inspired and special.

Other Things You Can Do To Improve Mental Wellness

  • Allow your employees to take more mindful employees. It allows many employees to break away from long hours of work, but it also allows others to bond.
  • Offer them office setup assistance. Making sure that your employees have study furniture support and high-quality chairs is also useful.
  • Offer them health incentives. Working from home could also lead to physical issues that are associated with a more sedentary lifestyle. Offering health incentives ensures well-being of the employees.
  • Having clear limits depending on your employee availability is also good. You can also advise your staff to not respond to business emails on weekends or maybe ask them to take some time off at home and relax when they have completed their projects or if they have multiple leave balance.

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