Vital Tips for Choosing the Best-Suited Font

Have you been looking for a suitable font to address your needs? Find below a few essential guidelines for choosing and using fonts.

What mood do you wish to convey?

If you were designing a presentation, a book report, or a website, you might wonder about the mood you wish to convey. Choosing a typeface is not similar to choosing an outfit to wear for the day. Rest assured that there has been a distinction with typefaces. Most would be stylish and expressive, while some would be appropriate and useful for several situations. Therefore, consider choosing a typeface that captures a specific feeling such as casual, fun, serious, fresh, or old-fashioned.

Grouping fonts

The quickest way to organize people’s typeface choices would be to make the most of commonly used typography classifications – sans serif and serif. It would be worth mentioning here that serif fonts provide engagement and continuity. As a result, they tend to improve readability. However, supporters of sans serif deem it to be a typography myth. Usually, serif fonts have been more traditional in style, whereas, sans serif typefaces have been relatively more modern. You would come across numerous options available in both choices such as Berlingske sans to meet your specific needs.

Choosing between sans serif and serif

The primary title of your project would be written in bold sans serif font and the serif font would be used for the body copy. There should be some contrast to show the difference between the two available sections of your project. Rest assured that the combination of two or more typefaces could be complicated. Therefore, it should be vital to use a combination of sans serif and neutral serif. It would be easy and safe to work with. You could also experiment with a combination of a traditional typeface and a modern typeface. However, consider the contrast between the two typefaces should be adequate to keep them separated.

The design

It would be recommended to use decorative and display typefaces sparingly. An entire content written in a single decorative font could make it difficult to read and comprehend. Therefore, consider keeping the decorative fonts exclusively for the headline design.

No specific rules for choosing a suitable font

Rest assured that there are no specific rules to use a font. Consider trying everything to see what best suits your specific requirements. It would be in your best interest to make the most of the trial and error method in choosing the best-suited font.

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