The Modern Job Hunter is Online and Adaptable

The days of handing your CV in at the door are well and truly over, but what does that mean for the future of jobhunting?

Those of you who are thinking of re-training in a new career should consider digital skillsets. With everything from video chatting to cyber security on a massive growth spurt, the digital landscape is primed and ready to develop and evolve into something new. We are on the precipice of a new way of doing business, perched on the edge of Industry 4.0 and ready to start.

Part of this is in the adaptability of the modern job market. Several firms are making it easier to bridge that digital skills gap from company to company and thereby find staff that can propel your organisation into this new digital age.

How Job Hunting Has Evolved

Job hunting used to mean looking through ads in the back of the local paper. Granted, some local papers still use this method and it works as effectively as it always has. However, the modern business is online and adaptable, so they can employ remote workers from all over the world if they want to. A versatile company has staff everywhere, having headhunted the best from their industry from different regions across the globe. You can’t do that with an ad in a paper, no matter how international it is.

Modern job search companies are making it easier for job searches to go both ways. Sites like Hays Technology facilitate a platform were big businesses can approach and search for staff, while potential employees can upload their own CVs and hunt for jobs on the job boards. This two-way interaction allows for higher rates of employees placed successfully in matching roles.

In the 90s and early 2000s, job hunting was a menial task that you often had to do in a specialist location in Britain. The Job Centre, the government’s answer to providing work and guidance on careers for the masses, has taken a backseat by comparison to its then glory days. Now, job hunting is online, with the aid of a few clicks and a digital version of your CV.

The Future of Job Hunting

The future of job hunting will have an ever-increasing reliance on digital tech as a foundation for finding new employees. After Covid-19, the chances of us returning to a world where social distancing isn’t a consideration in the workplace are slim to none. There are rumours that both Gen Z and Millennial workers are refusing roles that force them to switch back to the office after remote work. This trend will propel a new wave of digital tech and software aimed at making working from home a permanent solution.

What else does the future of job hunting hold? We can already see an impact from social media, where professional accounts and social accounts are colliding. This will develop in new ways that are worth watching. The future of job hunting will be at least one part social media networking. Considering the historic importance of networking for your business in person, it has precedent for being something big.

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