How to recover data from a formatted SD card for free?

Before we start talking about the possible methods such as free recovery software that are going to help us recover data from formatted SD Card for free, it is really important to understand the root cause of the problem. Which is why, the first thing that is covered in this article is the ‘reasons’ that lead to the need of data recovery on Windows.

For me personally, losing data has been the biggest problem lately. I was trying to put some files on my computer system from an SD Card. I accidentally clicked on the ‘Format’ command and the entire SD Card became empty. But Stellar’s free recovery Software helped me recover that data, even though I am so new to these stuff.


If the formatting has not been done by the user, or even maybe it was done by accident, it does get irritating. The user tends to lose everything on the storage media and starts seeking for help that can recover deleted files for him or her.

But there are more reasons that are responsible for formatting of SD Cards, which are listed below. Since SD Cards are tiny and delicate, there could be an end number of possibilities for the reason of their failure to protect your data. In the following points, we shall cover the most common reasons for data loss from an SD Card:

  • Sometimes when the SD Card is being formatted, there can be some interruptions like power surge, a pop up, system hanging and more. All of these can result in permanent data loss in the SD Card which is not easy to recover.
  • Bad sectors in a storage media are those parts of their storage capacity, where the computer system is not able to read or write data. With the more and more use of the storage media, these sectors increase and eventually damage the entire SD Card.

Aha! How can we forget this one.

  • Malware and Viruses that attack the computer system can be easily transferred to the SD Card. What these viruses and malwares do is corrupt the data that is stored on the card making it inaccessible.
  • Corruption of the storage media, an SD Card in this matter is also one of the biggest reasons for data loss. Not only with infectious software, but this can happen due to many other reasons.

However, the list does not end here. More reasons like file system damage, external factors, damaged card slot of the computer system and even the poor manufacturing quality could also lead to data damage very easily.

But how do we recover the data from the SD Card?

How to recover data from formatted SD card for free?

Sometimes the manual methods do not work to recover data from a formatted SD card. In that case hurry up! Do not waste time thinking much and straightaway go to the website of Stellar and download the free file recovery software for windows. Using a three step process, you will be able to recover up to 1 GB of data for free. So, why to go somewhere else in the quest of a free way to recover data when you can do it right now while sitting on your computer system.

Why to use Stellar Free Data Recovery Software?

  • Recovers unlimited file formats.
  • Free Recovery upto 1 GB.
  • Not only recovers from SD card but can also recover from other device.
  • Secure and interactive interface.
  • Can recover data in situations be it corruption, format, accidental deletion, etc.

Guide to recover data from formatted SD card using Stellar:

Follow below given steps and recover your data in easy steps:

Step 1: Download and install

First and foremost thing is to download free data recovery on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Select File Type

Now from main interface of software select the file type you want to recover.

Step 3: Select Location

From next window select location i.e. your formatted SD card in this case and click scan.

Step 4: Scan and preview

Wait for scanning to get complete, once scanning is done a list of recoverable files will appear, select the ones which you want to preview.

Step 5: Recover and Save

Once you’re done with preview save the files at desired location. Do not save on the same affected device connect other healthy device and save on that.

Viola! Your files are recovered. Also if your data to be recovered is more than 1 GB, then you can upgrade the software by purchasing the activation key of Stellar data recovery for Windows.

Other Methods to recover data from a formatted SD card:

Unlike the reasons for data loss, there are just a few ways to recover data from an SD Card. And if you wish to recover it for free, because data loss did not ask for any money either, then you are on the right page.

DATA BACKUP: We often keep a backup of the data that is extremely important for us and in the times of need, we can use that source. This source could be anything like a hard disk drive used to take data backup, a friend who shared the data with us, a computer system from where we took the data, another system we share our data with or even maybe the internet.

This method helps only when the source of the data has not been destroyed yet.

CHKDSK Command: CHKDSK Command shall help you get done with the data recovery process as this command will let you fix your SD Card Corruption with some simple steps. All you have to do is perform this action by using the following steps:

  • Open up command prompt.
  • Type in CHKDSK then a space, then the name of the disk you wish to check.
  • Then press enter to run the command.


Whenever you happen to lose data in a formatted SD Card, do not roam around. Go to Stellar, download the software, and recover your data. It is as simple as that.

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