How Gamifying Time Tracking Is Helping Employees Stay Motivated at Work

Time tracking is often considered a futile process because it doesn’t directly add to an employee’s output. Moreover, it can become an additional burden on managers, distracting them from their daily tasks. However, for a number of industries, time tracking is an extremely important part of their business operation, as it monitors the productivity and output of their employees.

Modern software tools have made time tracking less scary by automating a lot of tasks. These software offer customizable features like logging an employee’s timesheet, managing leave schedules, invoices, GPS route tracking, etc. This is why all-in-one software platforms like Trackabi are becoming an essential part of a company’s human resource management. Be it a remote or an on-site company, time-tracking software like Trackabi allows managers and higher-ups to get a complete bird-eye view of how employees are working on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Irrespective of the size of the team, a manager can see how many hours each employee has logged in over different time periods and track daily and weekly leave schedules, which helps to improve productivity, monitor project progress, and bill clients accurately. 

However, these are all effective tools only from a manager’s and company’s point of view. From an employee’s perspective, time tracking can still be an unnecessary and dull task.

To solve this problem, new-age platforms like Trackabi are using innovative features like gamification to keep employees invested in time-tracking. 

How Trackabi Gamifies Time Tracking 

Trackabi is gamifying time tracking to make it more fun and interesting. The company has personally found success with its gamifying feature, with fewer employees coming late for work, 10% fewer delays in preparing timesheets, and around 25% of the employees switching to the automated time tracking mode. Gamifying time tracking doesn’t just make the process more fun, but it also helps keep everyone motivated in their tasks. 

Trackabi allows managers to award achievement stickers to employees who work hard in the company. It’s the modern approach to traditional rewards systems like employee of the month. However, with tools like Trackabi, there can be multiple employees who can be super performers. Thanks to the appropriate virtual stickers, every employee who works hard will be noticed. The achievement sticker approach is similar to the strategy adopted in games. After every goal is reached, a virtual sticker is handed out to the employee as a token of recognition. 

Trackabi’s achievement functionality comes as default with its software, and managers can set it up in just 3 minutes. The data for the achievements can come out of employee timesheets, vacation schedules, or even project assignments, depending upon the company. Once the achievements are set up, Trackabi will automatically calculate and send achievement stickers to the employees once they reach the specified goal. Each achievement can also earn karma points, helping managers quantify an employee’s overall performance in the company. 

The achievement stickers can be funny too. For example, a company can send out a “Superhuman” sticker to employees who log 8 hours daily, or an “Early-Bird” sticker to those who log in early and start their work. These kinds of stickers can stimulate the employees to work on time and will help them to stay motivated to finish their tasks. 

Finally, companies can use these stickers and karma points as performance indicators to give out real rewards to employees for their hard work. With tools like Trackabi, managers can ensure hard-working employees are noticed and rewarded in the company. Even if the team is large, it will go a long way in ensuring everyone stays productive and completes projects on time. 

However, due care should be given not to put too much emphasis on the reward system. It’s important that managers view time-tracking tools as a means to motivate their employees and help them become more efficient. With the right amount of motivation and rewards, time-tracking tools like Trackabi help create a win-win situation for both the company and its employees.

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