Did Plastic Valley Hijack the phrase Technology?

Have you ever noted that when you are and browse this news online, and browse with the various tales in the syndicated websites they will often have a technology section, which technology section is stuffed with the most recent gadgets, social media methods, and the newest things originating from Plastic Valley? I’ve, so that as a follower of technology, and coordinator for any think tank, I’m disturbed by all of this. Now then allow me to explain what i’m saying.

There are many technology which are very important, technologies when we did not are we would not be where we’re today. Likewise most of the challenges for the future is going to be solved through technology. And the majority of the major challenges don’t relate to the most recent social networking. For example, to solve the pollution problem, and have less CO2 within the atmosphere, maybe we have to work more about clean coal technologies. Incidentally, simply mind boggling how far all that technologies have come within the last 5 years, however, you don’t hear much about this much would you?

Right why is that? How about all of the new material technology, and carbon nanotubes, and all sorts of things that can make our cars lighter and more powerful, and our aircraft more effective? Technologies that will permit us to visit lower to the foot of the sea, and possibly mine rare earth metals in the seafloor without disturbing any marine existence that’s lower there? Don’t you need to find out about that kind of technology? How come we being barraged using the latest sleek displays, e-readers, and smartphones? Is not there more to existence than that? Don’t misunderstand me, they’re great little consumer personal tech devices, but.

It appears the marketeers, the press announcements, and a good amount of money flowing into individuals sectors have hijacked the phrase technology. People now browse the news and think that technology originates from Plastic Valley? Yes, I’d undergo you much from the hard-core technology originates from IBM, Apple, along with other Plastic Valley companies – however that does not imply that all technology originates from Plastic Valley, or that it is the only place where major strides are now being made and damaged.

It appears in my experience that within the syndicated news for example Google, MSN, and a few of the other search engines like google that offer all of the news tales all over the world, well, they need to divide we’ve got the technology section track of new groups for example:

Personal Tech Gadgets

Social Technologies

Real Technology

Why, if they did that, then your up-and-coming engineers and scientists would realize that there’s more to existence and technology than simply the most recent awesome gadget being developed in Plastic Valley, making in China or Taiwan. Indeed I think you’ll will surprise consider all of this and think on.

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