Classification of Various kinds of Computers And Accessories

Most generally used computers would be the microcomputers according to single nick micro-processor technology such as the Personal Computer or PC generally referred to as Desktop, Laptop and Palmtop computer. These 3 types are extremely conspicuously used nowadays by individuals of fields and classes to satisfy their appropriate needs with laptops and palmtop computers finding yourself in vogue vis a vis desktops.

* PC or Desktop: Personal computers would be the most appropriate kind of computers to be used in offices, schools along with other offices in performing different operations like documentation, accounting and internet browsing, etc. It includes a desktop display referred to as Monitor having a key board put on desktop along with a situation that contains mother board with processing unit referred to as CPU normally placed directly under the table. Desktops are usually less expensive than laptops and palmtop computers.

* Laptop: Laptops are slim and lightweight weighted when compared with desktops. They may be easily put on the lap to operate easily. Laptop mother boards have built-in wireless technology. Therefore they may be easily transported and operate on rechargeable battery. Unlike desktops, laptops don’t require any other space for storing.

* PalmTop: It’s very small in dimensions and could be put on the palm. Palmtops work with an electronic pen referred to as stylus instead of key board for operating. Data feeding is performed through hands written messages by using this pen. A palmtop is also referred to as PDA (Smartphone). It’s also referred to as hands held or pocket computer. However a palmtop are capable of doing limited functions and it is mostly utilized as a telephone book, diary or note book as well as for delivering and receiving mails and doing offers.

Classification According to Operations

In addtion 3 fundamental classifications, there are more classifications based on concepts of operation or based on size and gratifaction. According to concepts of operation, you will find following three types:

* Analog: Analog computer creates selection of values which keep different continuously and provide approximate outcomes of the computations. These computers can be used for calculating temperature, pressure, current and speed.

* Digital: Digital computers work on digital data using binary number system. Broadly utilized in engineering and technology fields, they’re better and provide faster results.

* Hybrid: Hybrid computers work on a combined form of digital and analog features. These computers are mainly employed for specialized tasks like automatic operations of machines and monitoring of complicated physical processes.

Other Classifications

According to their size, capacity and gratifaction computers could be classified into super computers, mainframe computers, minicomputers and microcomputers.

* Super Computer: A sizable computer when it comes to processing capacity, it may process vast sums of instructions in a single moment. It’s highly costly and it is helpful for nuclear technology, research, geological surveys and weather reports.

* Mainframe: Mainframe computer is really a computer having a large CPU for processing all operations associated with 100s of other computers in the frame work. They’re also able to efficiently monitoring vast sums of transactions concurrently. They’re broadly utilized in banks, railways and airlines.

* Small Computer: A minicomputer is smaller sized than mainframe computer in operations and fewer costly. However it supports greater than 100 users at once.

* Micro Computer: A microcomputer is dependant on a single micro-processor nick because of its operations. Desktop Computer, Laptop and palmtop computer are microcomputers. Other microcomputers include note books, tablets, game computers, smart books and smartphones, etc.

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