5 Reasons Why You Should Get Black Earbuds

It is very frustrating to have a pair of earbuds that you are not happy with. However, it can be so easy to stick with that pair because you are not sure what to look for in an upgrade. But once you make that change you will be asking yourself why you did not do it sooner. Here are five reasons why you should get black earbuds.

They’re Stylish

Let’s start with one of the most obvious points, shall we? Black earbuds are always going to be one of the most stylish options for listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks on the go. They are also the perfect choice for you if you want to conduct a business call while you are out of the office, blending in perfectly with your surroundings without drawing attention to yourself.

They Are Comfortable And Secure

One of the biggest concerns that a lot of people have with their earbuds is that they will fall out or come loose at the first sign of movement. The good news is, black earbuds have come a long way since those early days. The LG TONE Free series, for example, offers a superb ergonomic design that allows black earbuds to sit comfortably in your ears. They are also made with medical grade ear gels, and they come in three different sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

They Are Germ-Free

These earbuds are also hypoallergenic, rated for sweat and rain so you can use them while you are exercising, and they come with a UVNano case that kills 99.9% of bacteria while you are charging them.

They Are Flexible

Sometimes, you want your black earbuds to cancel out any noise apart from what you are listening to. And sometimes, particularly if you are walking, running, or cycling on a busy street, you want to hear some ambient noise to ensure that you stay safe. The LG TONE Free series offers an ambient sound mode that allows you to flick between the two with a simple tap on your earbuds.

The Sound Quality Is Superior

Of course, one of the most important qualities in any earbud is the sound quality. You want to know for certain that your earbuds are going to give you the clear and spatial audio that you need. One of the cliches surrounding earbuds is that they do not offer master quality, but that isn’t true. With these black earbuds, you know for a fact that what you are hearing is exactly what the artist intended for you when they recorded the track in the first place. They also offer you the ability to remove the crosstalk, making you think that you are listening to your music on loudspeakers. What’s more, they come with four preset modes that you can flick between depending on what you are using them for and the type of music or audio that you are listening to.

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