4 Memorable Moments To Remember About Tech

We are in this age when everything is influenced by tech. Gone are the days when we had to wait for days before sending a message from one country to another. Now, it’s even in the reach of citizens of a country to instantly communicate with anyone from around the world. So many new things in the world make us wonder, what were the moments that shaped the very fabric of tech? Keep reading this article as it mentions four memorable moments in the history of tech. 

  • Digital Marketing

From the first email sent via the internet to the early 2000s, many developments in the internet and computers shaped Digital Marketing. The key moments of Digital Marketing happened in the 1990s when Search Engines became popular and CRMs developed. Nowadays, ads play a huge role in the Digital Marketing landscape. New marketers are interested to learn about “facebook advertising how to” and want to make a name for themselves in the industry. 

  • Online Streaming

This generation does not know the struggle of their elders who got to watch TVs on special occasions. Streaming On-Demand content is now not a big deal for the millennials. The first breakthrough in Online Streaming occurred in the 1990s, but the early 2000s shaped the Online Streaming industry. Now, tech giants like YouTube and Netflix, to name a few, earn billions from this industry every year. 

  • Social Media

One of the memorable moments in the Tech industry is the advent of Social Media. From the first Social Media platform popping up in 1997 named Six Degrees, we now live in a world that features several social media platforms catering to everyone’s needs. Social Media now influences our lives beyond our imaginations for better or for worse. But there’s no denying the fact that its advent changed everything in our lives. 

  • Smartphones

What remains in our hands before we sleep and right after we wake up? You guessed it; it’s a smartphone. And who doesn’t know about smartphones today? These compact, funky and powerful creatures make our everyday lives easier. Make calls, schedule meetings, get directions, take pictures, record videos, watch TV, listen to music, and there’s no more space to write all the things a smartphone can do. Experts credit the first Apple iPhone for starting the smartphone revolution. But many companies have worked since then to bring reliable and useful smartphones to the market. 

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