Android 13 DP2 adds smooth At-a-Glance transition animation

Android’s At a Glance widget was supposedly set to get a revamp with Android 12, but those plans were put on hold. If you rely on the feature and have felt impatient about seeing some improvements made, we’ve learned from former XDA editor and current Android Bytes podcaster Mishaal Rahman that the second developer preview (DP2) of Android 13 comes bearing glad tidings. Google has added a pretty smooth-looking little tweak to the way the OS transitions from the lock screen to home when you’re in At a Glance.

Rahman goes on to point out that At a Glance transition is a default setting in DP2. If you don’t like it you can switch it off, but let’s be real — it looks pretty nice. Rahman also tweeted about an accessibility option for the visually impaired which permits toggling of audio descriptions.

Should all the changes and improvements spotted in Android 13 so far pan out, then combined with Google’s focus on improving the Android experience for larger devices, it could be a consequential update. If not, at least the animated transition looks great.

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