Importance of Web Design and Development

It is said that creating a website these days is much easier than it would have been around a decade ago. For beginners, there are free platforms such as WordPress and website building softwares available at affordable rates which make the web design and development process easy.

However, we often tend to forget that the process may have become easy but our online consumer has not. With a multitude of options available to them at the touch of a fingertip and from anywhere – they need be enthralled by the website. Just putting a website out there is not the answer if you want conversions from your website.

The average attention span of an online user has become 8 seconds – which means your website needs to create magic within less than time to catch the user’s interest.

What is Web Design and Development?

Web design involves the usage of multiple elements such as creativity, structure, layout and putting these ideas into user friendly & interesting navigation platforms using colours, fonts, images, videos etc. in order to create a web page for your business.

A Web development services provider would typically be responsible for coding your website using certain programming languages keeping in mind design, navigation, site functionality, features and configuring network security.

Why is Web Design and Development important?

The importance of a website for any kind of business is quite well known – for marketing, generating leads, spreading information and so much more. But it is more important to understand why one must focus on the web design and development as well, here are the top 3 reasons why:

First impression is the last impression

When your target audience lands on your website they judge your business within a few seconds. You have those few seconds to create a positive impression on your user. If your website is text heavy, takes forever to load, isn’t captivating enough – it does appeal to the end audience leading to a high bounce rate.


And where does one leave your website and go? To a competitor’s website because they are probably still in search of the product/ service being provided by you. A good website is responsible for brand perception and helps you make a good impression, eventually generating leads/ business.

Sets the Search Engine Optimization fundametals in place

How content is published on a website depends on certain web design elements and practices which further impacts how search engine spiders crawl and your website is indexed. If your basic on-page SEO fundamentals are not in place from the start, appearing on the first page for relevant industry keywords search can become a distant dream.


SEO doesn’t solely depend on content like blogs, articles etc. being published on your site. A good web development services provider will ensure that your code is SEO friendly while building the website. Appearing in organic searches from the start is one of the key services that web design and development companies can offer.


Creates trust and consistency

People trust you by looking at your website. If it is dull, boring, difficult and effortless – your company will be perceived as such. One may think your brand is a reflection of your website – dull and slow and they won’t approach you. It’s exactly like a store – you wouldn’t want to enter a dark, dingy store where the sales representatives are indifferent. Follow the same criteria for the website.


A professionally built website will build trust in your visitor enabling them to spend money. If there is no trust, one finds it difficult to make a purchase. Your website needs to exude genuineness and trust so the visitor spends more time, explores more products and eventually there is a conversion.


A person should be able to identify your brand by seeing the colours, fonts, styles and layouts – a good web design will ensure consistency across the website, enhancing brand recognition.


To conclude, there is so much competition and a website can be your differentiator tool. You can prove that you are better, your products are unique, your services are superior and stand out from the rest just by developing and designing an appealing website. Take help of reputed agencies like RepIndia that offer excellent web development services by using the latest tools and technologies.

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