All You Need To Know About Buying a Certified Refurbished iPhone 8

Times are tough, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t upgrade your old iPhone to something decent like the iPhone 8 as a refurbished one can be very affordable. Maybe you harbor uncertainties about purchasing a refurbished iPhone. The reality is that most refurbished iPhones from reliable vendors are of outstanding quality. If this is not assurance enough, then you can purchase a certified and refurbished iPhone 8.

What’s the difference between a refurbished iPhone and a certified refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone is a used iPhone restored to an improved working state without adhering to any standards. This restoration aims to get the iPhone working better than it was before in the cheapest way possible. On the flip side, a certified refurbished iPhone has been restored following strict guidelines to improve its working state to the best possible level. In this instance, the refurbishing process is undertaken by well-trained and highly qualified technicians using parts and techniques approved by the manufacturer (Apple).

Moreover, once the iPhone has been refurbished, it passes through a quality control process. As a result, the refurbishing company will have the confidence to stand behind its refurbished iPhones; thus, giving you, the buyer, the highest degree of assurance on the quality of the iPhone you are purchasing. Considering this vigorous refurbishing process, a certified refurbished iPhone 8 will cost a little more than one that’s only refurbished.

What are the advantages of purchasing a certified refurbished iPhone 8?

1 Quality assurance

Buying a smartphone and especially an iPhone, is a significant investment, and you are likely planning to keep yours for a long time. If you settle for a certified refurbished iPhone, you will have the quality assurance that genuine Apple recommended parts were used to restore the iPhone. This quality assurance means that the certified refurbished iPhone 8 will likely serve you better for longer than a purely refurbished iPhone 8 would. Additionally, you can expect to have no issues with the phone as it will probably work as a new iPhone 8 would.

2 Limited warranty available

Certified refurbished iPhones generally don’t develop problems as they have been restored to the highest standards. This is why companies that sell such phones offer a limited warranty with every purchase. If your iPhone 8 develops any problems, they will likely be minor and would quickly be sorted by the seller under warranty. Even if it’s a huge problem, as long as you didn’t cause it and it’s covered by the limited warranty, the refurbishing company will take care of it at no additional cost to you.

3 Peace of mind

If you buy a purely refurbished iPhone, you have to be vigilant not to buy a stolen or a carrier-locked one. In the case of the former, Apple will likely blacklist your iPhone 8 as soon as you activate it. If you end up with the latter, you will have to stick to your current carrier for as long as you use the phone. Maybe the refurbished iPhone is locked to a carrier you are not associated with; this would force you to change your carrier and phone number. Therefore, you will have to contend with lots of hiccups letting everyone in your life know you have a new number. Purchasing a certified and refurbished iPhone 8 will give you peace of mind as you won’t have to worry about any of these issues.

How much does a certified refurbished iPhone 8 cost?

As you are considering buying a refurbished iPhone, it means that you are pretty conscious about how much money you will get to spend. At the moment, you might be thinking that because a certified refurbished iPhone 8 is so much better than a refurbished one, you will be spending significantly more money on it. This is not the case as the former will mostly cost between $160 to $230 depending on the smartphone’s refurbishment grade. Here is a breakdown of the various refurbishment grades;

  • Grade A: – This will be an iPhone that is restored to near mint condition to look like new
  • Grade B: – The iPhone will be restored to function excellently internally, but it will have minor cosmetic damages on the surface like light chips and scratches
  • Grade C: – The iPhone will look used and quite worn out externally but would have perfect functionality internally

Bottom line

Purchasing a certified and refurbished iPhone 8 will make your life much easier and worry-free. Isn’t quality, assurance, and happiness worth spending a little more for?

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